Looking to add an innovative and exhilarating feature to your event? Hire human gyroscope right away! We have the human gyroscope, sometimes known as a space ball, ready for you to hire now. When seeking rides for hire to entertain your guests, do not rule out the gyroscope hire that The Entertainment Group can offer.

This ride takes up much less room than an average adult ride but is just as exciting for the rider. With 2 great options to choose from, human gyroscope hire is perfect for any style of event. The first option is the 2 ring spaceball hire, this is the cheaper option as it requires no power. This ball works by the series of 2 rings being spun by a large wheel handle at the operation of a member of staff who will be provided. The second option for the gyroscopes hire is the 3 ring ball which is run by a motor. Both choices offer a safe yet exciting experience of weightlessness. Human gyroscopes are often used in pilot and astronaut training, so why not incorporate the human gyroscope for hire into a science fair or school fete? Gyroscope for hire offers the perfect opportunity to teach kids and adults alike about the workings of gravity and the obstacles pilots and astronauts have to overcome to perform their occupations. Even if you aren’t looking to teach or educate your guests – Space ball hire is genuinely great fun! Not only is it fun for the participants but also for the spectators laughing along.

The Entertainment Group offers human gyroscope London, or spaceball London as well as all over the UK. Hire gyroscope ride can also work wonders for a fundraising event, once you have paid your set fee for hire, you are then free to charge your guests as you wish and keep all of the money taken on the day. Watch as your excited participants climb into the spaceball for hire, get securely strapped in by our trained operator, then start spinning as if in space! The donation box be replenished over and over again! What are you waiting for? To hire spaceball, simply call our sales team today and discuss options and prices, then sit back and allow our expert event management staff to take over!